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The Story Behind The #CelebratingWomen Movement With Leading Company Director & Author


Dr Kirstin Ferguson is a leading company director, author and sought after commentator on leadership, gender diversity and inclusion. Dr Ferguson is also the creator of the widely acclaimed global #CelebratingWomen campaign and author of Women Kind.

Dr Ferguson began her career after joining the military aged 17 and went on to become the Dux of her Air Force graduating class at the Australian Defence Force Academy. After being posted to an F-111 Squadron, she studied law and spent almost a decade in leadership roles in a corporate law firm. Dr Ferguson then went on to become CEO of a global consulting organisation before commencing her professional company director career.

In this chat we talk about all about how to raise your voice and advocate for what you believe in, how to build resilience, how it is that you can become a more inclusive leader that celebrates diversity and lives it in the way that you set up your team culture and structure and we are also going to follow the story of the lessons learnt from the incredibly powerful celebrating women campaign which turned into a global phenomenon.

From Emergents Coffee Pods series http://emergent.global/listen

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